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An Ode to Tax Day

With Tax Day falling on my blog release date, I decided to write something a little different. While the aim of most of my blogs is educational, the primary goal of this is to be humorous. I hope you enjoy

An Ode to Tax Day: A Poem

On April 15th, or the nearest business day
We all jump in and join the fray.
A national holiday of sorts,
How can one day get such bad reports?

It’s not that this one particular date is bad.
What it represents is what makes us sad.
Forced to pay into a system we abhor,
Making us all feel at least a little poor.

Knowing we must pay our share of the public rent,
But alas, it’s nauseating to see how our money is spent.
Ultimately our infrastructure is worth the fee.
It’s the waste of bureaucracy that kills me.

So, here’s to Tax Day, ready or not.
Please don’t blame me for taking a shot.
I felt a sense of duty to write this letter,
Because I think we all know that we can do better.

Here at QED, we hate taxes as much as the next guy. While we do think that you should pay the taxes you owe, you should not leave the IRS a tip. Long-term tax planning can certainly reduce the amount of taxes paid in your lifetime. If you are interested in reducing your lifetime tax bill, get your complimentary retirement assessment today.

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