Hi I'm Tyler.

As you can see from the picture here, my life is very full…you could even say abundant (insert dad-joke eye-roll here). When I do have a spare minute I enjoy all things sports: playing, watching, and coaching my kids. I also have the audacious goal of visiting every National Park. I like to camp with my family and I’ve been known to pack enough Hawaiian shirts to wear all camping trip. Probably a weird combination, but that’s me!

While husband and father are my most important titles, I am a Certified Financial Planner® professional and founder of Retire to Abundance. 

I’m also the founder and President of QED Wealth Solutions – a financial planning firm focused on working with retirees or those close to retirement.

Tyler Meyer, CFP professional and his family
Tyler Meyer, Financial Advisor and Football coach

I’m an unashamed finance nerd. For many years you could have heard my wife saying, “Can we please talk about something besides Roth conversions?” If you look through my book stack or peruse my podcast subscriptions, it’s pretty much all about finance! I get excited talking about taxes…

In all seriousness, I have had a passion for finance as long as I can remember which has fueled me to become one of the most educated financial planners in the US holding six separate specialty designations, and a career that specializes in simplifying the complex topics surrounding retirement planning.

Why start Retire to Abundance?

Between chasing my six children’s activities and running my own financial planning firm among several other charitable endeavors, why create Retire to Abundance?

The short answer is There is So Much Bad Advice Out There!

Financial Advisor Tyler Meyer and his sons at Rocky Mountain National Park.

Retire to Abundance is designed to help you to cut through the noise of bad retirement advice.

We do this by providing you with simple, effective and transparent information that will show you the path to living the abundant retirement YOU deserve. We’ll talk about things like

  • Do you have enough to retire?
  • How to optimize your Social Security?
  • How proper tax planning can save you big?
  • How to align investments with goals?
  • How to live your values in retirement? (without worrying about money)
Certified Financial Planner Tyler Meyer

To an abundant retirement,


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