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Active vs. Passive investing: which is better. Image of boxing gloves.

Active vs. Passive Investing for the Average Person

Passive Investing > Active Investing. The research speaks for itself.


We're Not Raising Grass, We're Raising Kids

When you started investing, your motivation was not for the simple purpose of stacking up money; it was the life that money supports.

Grass image for blog about financial motivations and children.
Child studying and why to not use a 529 plan

Why This Advisor Refuses to do a 529 Plan for His Children

Understanding and leveraging tax advantages is one of the biggest value propositions afforded to the clients that work with me, so why the heck would I not utilize these tax advantages for my own children?

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What Does it Mean to Retire to Abundance?

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I'm Tyler Meyer, Certified Financial Planner®

I make retirement simple.

I am the President and Financial Planner at QED Wealth Solutions, a firm specializing in making retirement planning simple so that you can focus on what’s most important in life. In my free time you might find me coaching one of my kids’ teams, planning my next National Parks trip, or looking through my vast collection of Hawaiian shirts.

Retirement Planning

I know that retirement and finances can be complicated. My advice is simple, effective, and transparent. No need to overcomplicate things. I find joy in truly teaching others.

Focus on Life

What’s even more important than all the financial stuff is that you are living life abundantly. I want to make sure you are creating relationships with those you love and building community throughout retirement.

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Tyler was a guest on the Catholic Money Mastermind podcast and offers insights about what a healthy, happy, and truly abundant retirement looks like and how to get there.

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