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Frequently Asked Questions

We are not Fee-Only BUT we are Fee-Based. Let us explain the difference. It is easy to get confused, but ultimately Fee-Only can only accept fees while Fee-Based can accept fees and commissions. It is our position that all fees on investment related products should be avoided. However, insurance products are only available in a commissionable structure, and we strongly believe that insurance plays a critical role in developing a comprehensive financial plan.

So how can you find out if your advisor is selling commissionable investment products? Search for their name on If underneath their name it says “Broker Regulated by FINRA” then they are licensed to sell commissionable investment products.

Yes, I am! CFP® certification is the standard of excellence in financial planning. CFP® professionals meet rigorous education, training and ethical standards, and are committed to serving their clients’ best interests today to prepare them for a more secure tomorrow. 

Fun story: though there was a lot of studying over many years, my final study session before my CFP® Exam happened while my wife was driving our family 11 hours home from a vacation!

We are based out of Kansas, however we can work with anyone residing in the US. Virtual meetings and phone communication are great tools to allow out of state clients to be brought into our firm community.

We use a simple 3-step process for clients looking to evaluate our firm. The first step is a phone call to ensure that our expertise matches your situation and that you feel comfortable moving forward with us. You can learn more about our process and even schedule the first step on our Retirement Assessment Page.

For your safety and convenience, we use Altruist as a third-party custodian for our client investment and retirement accounts.

We chose Altruist because it is the third largest custodian (and largest and most trusted amongst independent RIAs). Also, the user experience is extremely streamlined and simple, which our clients value tremendously.

As a trusted custodian, Altruist safely holds your investment accounts and provides reporting to you and the IRS each year. Your accounts can be viewed at any time at through the Altruist online portal or user-friendly mobile app.

Though they are all unique in their own right, my favorite so far has been Rocky Mountain National Park. In college I fell in love with the mountains, and the Rockys being the closest to us, they hold a special place in my heart. I love hiking and marveling at God’s amazing creations. The top parks on my bucket list currently are Glacier and American Samoa. I think one will be a bit easier to see than the other!

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