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Guide to a Family Legacy Meeting

Communicating your legacy plan to those you love may be the single greatest gift you can give to them. This six-page guide will step you through the process.

About the Author

Tyler is the founder and creative mind behind Retire to Abundance. He is also the president and financial planner at QED Wealth Solutions. In his spare time, he enjoys coaching his six kids’ sports teams and visiting National Parks while he travels across the US.

Tyler Meyer, CFP®

In the Family Legacy Meeting Guide

  • What is a family legacy meeting
  • Why you should have one
  • Ways to prepare
  • A sample agenda
  • Tips to make the meeting run smoothly
  • An array of resources to guide you as you begin your journey
  • How to encourage your parents, grandparents, children, and other family members to have their own meeting

My sincere hope is that this guide can be a way to truly bring families closer together, both before and after death. Please use it and share it with those you love most.


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